How to create a winning TEAM

In this workshop we focus on the recruiting skills needed to create a winning team. Emphasis is on hiring the “right” people, ensuring team chemistry, recognizing the sacrifice that must be made, ensuring you have dreamers and associates on the team who align with the company’s values and vision.

    Strategy Emphasis:
  • Great Teams are the product of meticulous recruiting
  • Great teams have a shared dream
  • Great teams make personal sacrifices
    Target audience:
  • Newly formed teams
    • Newly hired groups
    • New teams through company mergers
  • New management/ leadership at all levels
    • New immediate manager
    • New company or division head setting new direction
  • Human Resources
  • Executive leadership team retreat

Pulling out greatness in your TEAM

In this workshop we focus on the individual team players and how they can motivate and inspire their teams to get to the next level. Emphasis is on determining what motivates and inspires individuals, having them believe in themselves, striving to meet personal and company goals, and knowing their individual strengths. For management participants, focus is also on how to inspire and develop teams to succeed while having fun and keeping a positive attitude within their groups.

    Strategy Emphasis:
  • Great teams think of themselves as winning underdogs
  • Great teams stay young in outlook and spirit
  • Great teams have a real or invented enemy
    Target audience:
  • All management levels of the organization
  • Teams on the verge of greatness
  • Executive leadership team retreat
  • Teams launching new goals/ strategies/ vision


In this workshop we focus on teams and how participants can become Gold Medal winners. This is accomplished with a focus on individuals holding themselves accountable and managing their own conflict by not getting personal. Emphasis is on having a clear sense of what winning will look like, checking egos at the door and a commitment to holding each other accountable to obtain victory.

    Strategy Emphasis:
  • Great Teams manage through ego and conflict
  • Great teams hold each other accountable
  • Great Teams Win
    Target audience:
  • Teams in need of conflict resolution
  • Leadership at all levels within the organization
  • Teams in the final stretch of reaching their goals

I wanted to take this time and thank you for the outstanding job you and your team did with our recent campaign around Accountability, Communication and Transparency. From the moment you stepped on stage as our keynote back in December, you captured our attention.

From the very start, as one of our VP's stated "you struck a cord with our team." Through your efforts, we were able to build an ongoing campaign to remind us that Teamwork and Leadership are to be worked on everyday- and can be very rewarding. Through this work, our team became better prepared to succeed.

The video reminders you made for our group really motivated them to continue to live the gold medal strategies. To drive the message home, the customized materials delivered to the team really made an impact to serve as a motivating reminder.

Jim, what truly capped off the 6 month campaign was when we had you back in June. We have had many speakers throughout the years- you are the only one we have ever had return to speak to the same group. As you can tell by the warm reception you received, the team was extremely happy to have you back. The way you tied in the last 6 months was truly skillful. The way your keynote wove video clips from the movie Miracle was both unique and impressive.

Thank you simply does not seem to say it all. You were excellent. Again, you and your team were extremely prepared, on top of your game and your attention to detail is second to none.

Thanks once again- I truly appreciate your passion and dedication.
Director, US Managed Markets Training , Sales Training & Leadership Development, Sanofi-Aventis

I wanted to take a moment on behalf of Verizon to Thank You for helping us deliver an outstanding Expect the Best management leadership program. This trip scored a perfect 5.0 from our participants and I know that your contributions played a key role in us delivering a perfect score. You did an outstanding job linking your life experiences and business focus to our participants in a way that inspired all. We asked our participants what they liked the most about this program and here are several verbatims
  • Jim Craig gave us “miracle” speeches every step of the way
  • Teambuilding, huddles and training were great!
  • Loved the training done by Jim and his team. Right fit for the actions we need to take when we get back to the office
  • Jim Craig’s business savvy and winning spirit illustrates what successful teams are made of
Group Manager – Consumer Recognition, Incentives & Channel Marketing