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Jim Craig Serves As Son's Best Man

Jim Craig Serves As Son's Best ManIn 1986 I was lucky enough to marry my best friend and the love of my life, Sharlene "Charlie" Craig. I cherish that day not only because I found my soul mate but also because I had my dad standing next to me as my best man. As most of you know from the Olympics, my dad means the world to me. After we won the gold against Finland, I searched for him in the stands to share what I thought would be my greatest accomplishment. Little did I know that becoming a husband and father would be life's greatest gifts.

To this day my father remains the man I love and respect above all other men. In my high school yearbook at Oliver Ames High School, Class of 1975, my life's ambition reads - "To be half the man my father is."

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Mentor Series: Ben Smith

BenSmithNews_HeaderIt's funny. When Ben Smith discovered that I wanted to include him in my series of mentors who have most influenced and improved my life, he was a bit surprised. He maintains that, while he and I have long been good friends, and he knows that I think highly of him, he had not considered himself much of mentor to me. A reason that Ben didn't think of himself as mentoring me is that the help and opportunities he provided me were as a matter of course in giving back to hockey - and, more precisely, in one case, building a winning hockey team.

Benjamin Smith III is the son of U.S. Senator Benjamin Smith II. The younger Smith grew up in the Massachusetts seaside town of Gloucester. Ben Smith III is a storied and iconic figure in U.S. national hockey. A standout defenseman at Harvard University, from which he graduated in 1968, Ben went on to coach in college, then high school, and then again in the college ranks - before coaching U.S. teams in the Olympics.

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Jon Luther - Mentor Series

b2ap3_thumbnail_JonLutherNews_Header.jpgAmong the nine traits of great teams – traits that I call Gold Medal Strategies – that I speak and present on, that I write about, is Great Teams Are the Product of Picking the Right Players.

Is a trait that almost all great teams hold – whether a sports team or company, or other type of organization.

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Teamwork & Culture Keynote - Lime Energy's Management Team

WinningTeamwork_BusinessTraining "Jim spoke to Lime Energy’s Management Team during our integration of two industry-leading companies. He spent time researching our situation which made his presentation very relevant, and he did a fantastic job of relating his athletic and business successes to Lime’s mission.

Jim’s keynote message on teamwork and culture resonated with every participant at the meeting. His surprise meet and greet appearance following a screening of Miracle was moving, and he spent time one on one with many members of the Lime team. Jim exceeded our expectations and left us with several mementos which will ensure that his message stays with us, including signed jerseys that remind us we all play for the same team!

The 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team’s story is full of valuable insight which informs strategies for business success. Jim has already applied these lessons in the corporate world. I highly recommend demonstrating your commitment to your team, by including Jim’s presence and wisdom in your next corporate event!"

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Jim Craig Recent Testimonial...National Sales Meeting


"Jimmy recently spoke at our 2015 National Sales Meeting and was the hit of the show! He spent a great deal of time researching our organization and really hit home in speaking to the unique challenges we have been facing as an organization. His themes on "teamwork" and "winning as an underdog with a shared dream" were truly impactful and inspirational. Jimmy was gracious with his time and a real pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a motivational speaker to help rally the troops, Jimmy would be a great choice!"

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Victory - The One and Only End Game


As I travel around the country, speaking and addressing companies and other types of organizations, a major focus of my speeches and talks is what I call the “Gold Medal Strategies” that are the hallmark and conduct of great teams.

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Great Teams Manage Through Ego and Conflict



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You’re Not Competing with Your Competition



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Pull Potential Out of People


When people are trying to skirt an issue or are considering themselves slick and able to fool others, even if what they are doing and their motives are easily understandable, I like to remind them that, “Even if your head is in the sand, that doesn’t mean that your butt isn’t showing.’ I like to help get people’s head out of the sand and make them confront what needs to be confronted. I like them to face what needs to be faced in order that they may fulfill and reach their potential.

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Holding Yourself & Others Accountable


What does it mean to hold yourself and others accountable?

Everyone in an organization needs to have a vested interest in the total output and total product. You can be the hardest working, best-prepared, and smartest employee in the world, but if you can’t speak up and let others know that you observe things are going well, then the organization is not operating effectively. As well, you need to be open to others holding you accountable. And to hold others accountable, you had better be prepared to help them be accountable.

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