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Mentor Series: Neil Higgins

NeilHigginsNews_HeaderMy senior year in high school, I was hopeful that I could play major college hockey. My stats ranked among the best prep goaltenders in Massachusetts.

Our team, Oliver Ames High School, won every game but one during the regular season, and in the state tournament we lost by one goal to the eventual state champions.

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Teamwork & Culture Keynote - Lime Energy's Management Team

WinningTeamwork_BusinessTraining "Jim spoke to Lime Energy’s Management Team during our integration of two industry-leading companies. He spent time researching our situation which made his presentation very relevant, and he did a fantastic job of relating his athletic and business successes to Lime’s mission.

Jim’s keynote message on teamwork and culture resonated with every participant at the meeting. His surprise meet and greet appearance following a screening of Miracle was moving, and he spent time one on one with many members of the Lime team. Jim exceeded our expectations and left us with several mementos which will ensure that his message stays with us, including signed jerseys that remind us we all play for the same team!

The 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team’s story is full of valuable insight which informs strategies for business success. Jim has already applied these lessons in the corporate world. I highly recommend demonstrating your commitment to your team, by including Jim’s presence and wisdom in your next corporate event!"

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The Art of Sport with Jim Craig

Enjoyed being interviewed by Yankee magazine’s Kristina M. Dodge. Posted with permission of New York Yankees Partnership. ©Yankees Magazine.

All rights reserved.

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Mentor Series: Dan Pratt and Paul Haley


It was the summer of 1984, and I had just retired from hockey. I was playing in a celebrity charity golf tournament at the Connecticut Golf Club in Easton, CT.

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Mentor Series: Charles Kelly


Charles Kelly has done far more than talk the talk … for he has surely walked the walk … every step.

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What Are People Saying About Jim Craig?

"Your presentation was. excellent, you were able to reach out and touch every member of our group. It was informative, heartfelt, and inspirational. The attendees are still talking about it. Jim, it was a pleasure working with you.”

Vice President Sales, First Incentive Travel

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Great Teams are the Product of Picking the Right Players


In any organization – whether it is athletic team, company, public service board, school administration, military unit … or any other type of group – the people within that organization are its most important and valuable resource.

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7 Ways to Build Accountable Organizations



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In my speeches, teamwork seminars, sales training classes – and in my book, Gold Medal Strategies: Business Lessons from America's Miracle Team – I discuss, describe, and expound on the traits of great teams.

I have identified nine traits that great teams hold. I call these traits Gold Medal Strategies.

This month, I highlight the strategy, Great Teams Hold Themselves and Others Accountable, which is the focus of chapter 4 in the book.

Each member of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team held himself – and held his teammates accountable. Our coach, Herb Brooks, held us accountable. And, you know – and he allowed for this – we held Coach Brooks accountable.

We held ourselves accountable.

We would not have made history had we not done so.

Here is an excerpt from chapter 4 of Gold Medal Strategies:

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Book Jim Craig, 1980 Olympic Gold Medalist


To contact Jim Craig regarding speaking engagements and other requests, please fill out this form. If you are looking to hire Jim for an appearance, please be sure to include the date of your meeting and location. 

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As a visionary, artist, inventor, and builder of the Apple empire, Steve Jobs remains – and will always remain – among the most fascinating, studied, revered, and emulated people.

We try to gain understanding and appreciation for seeing things how he saw them (perhaps not possible) – and we analyze and pour over how he pioneered, crafted, and led development initiatives that resulted in …among other products – Apple III, Macintosh, iMac, USB Mouse, iBook, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

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Create a Winning Business Environment



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