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What I Love About the Olympics



I love the Olympics. I really do. It's when the greatest athletes in the world come and further their dreams. You go to the Olympics (or watch them on TV), see an event, and end up falling in love with a completely different event/sport. That's great! What else do I love about the Olympics? I love that some people win and some people lose. Underdog stories are highlighted and people begin rooting and getting behind those stories - how people respond to that is just fascinating and is something that makes the Olympics that much more unique.

Beyond the excitement and energy of the Olympics, I love that there is a ton of talent. Talent from countries around the world. People who have trained for this event for most of their lives. But what I know is that with all that talent at the Olympics, what is needed is a great team.

Rivalry is HUGE at the Olympics. I love that! I love that fact that rivalry is present, but in the end the Olympics is about winning with class and dignity.
To find out more about my experience at the 1980 Olympics click here.

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