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8"x10" Photo 1980 Olympic Hockey Stars Jim Craig & Vladislav Tretiak

Limited Edition Photo of myself and Vladislav Tretiak. Now that the Olympics are officially over, we are all left with memories - new and old. I find myself thinking about this time in my life and in particular this photo - me shaking hands with Vladislav Tretiak after the game in 1980. Tretiak was long considered the gold-standard of hockey goalies in the world leading up to 1980 and, as Kurt Russell said in Miracle, as Herb Brooks, “if you score on Tretiak, keep the puck.”

Because of the greatness of Tretiak and the Russian team as a whole, we knew we needed to elevate our play to the same level and beyond and, through hard work and a shared dream, we did it! Each photo is autographed by both myself and Vladislav Tretiak. You can own this unique memento to the “Miracle on Ice”! There will not be any more of these made - this rare piece of history can be yours.


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