Jim Craig, motivational speaker and strategist for teamwork and sales training has worked with clients across numerous business sectors.

“We were challenged to move our sales teams from individual business units to central locations. We asked Jim to draw parallels from his athletic and business success on winning teams and Jim exceeded our expectations with a thoughtful message on winning through his brilliant storytelling and sales experience.”
Regional Vice President, Crossmark

“Jim’s remarks to our national advocates was funny, smart and very entertaining.  He transported us back to that wonderful moment in American history, but also made his experience as a leader of the US Olympic hockey team relevant to our work promoting our industry and being part of a bigger team.  I recommend Jim to those who want to learn from his many challenges and successes.”

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, American Beverage Association

“Jim Craig delivered a captivating keynote presentation at our national meeting to 400 + pharmaceutical/biotech executives, as he took us back in time to 1980 when the USA hockey team accomplished what no one ever thought they could do – win an Olympic gold medal. Jim inspired the audience by creating parallels between the USA hockey team success and how hard work, determination, teamwork, accountability and the importance of creating a legacy can lead to meeting and exceeding any goal. Jim knocked it out of the park and helped us create a memorable meeting!”

Pinsonault Associates


“Jim not only provides extraordinary insights (gleaned from his extraordinary life), but he serves as an inspiration to myself and all my executives to “go for the gold!” He works truly hard to prepare for every session, reviewing the meeting materials with great intensity, thought, and perspective. I can’t recommend Jim highly enough.”
Lydia Security Monitoring Inc.